Product Guides

Below you will find general information about owning one of our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and also specific information explaining several of our products which may be relevant to your vehicle.

We hope you find these Product Guides useful. If you have any questions or cannot find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01924 442386 or email [email protected]

Vehicle Ownership

This is our general Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Owner’s Handbook. It contains useful information on servicing your vehicle, who to contact if you encounter any problems with your vehicle, and the terms of the warranty on your vehicle.

Wheelchair Access

We supply vehicles with different forms of wheelchair access. Below are instructions for the operation of the most popular we provide. If your vehicle is fitted with a specific lift or ramp not listed below, please contact us on 01924 442386 or [email protected] if you require any assistance.


Often, as part of a conversion for wheelchair or scooter access, we will either remove the original manufacturer seating and replace with our own, or we will supplement the manufacturer seating. Below are instructions relating to seating that we install. All instructions for the original manufacturer seating will be found in the manufacturer handbook.

Heating & Air Conditioning

In many of our larger vehicles, we install heating and air conditioning in the rear for the comfort of the wheelchair user. Instruction guides for both are included below.

Access Steps

Access steps can be invaluable for aiding the driver or passengers getting into or out of the vehicle. We install both manual and electric steps and the instructions for both are included in the Product Guide below.

Fuel Gauge Readings

For some vehicle conversions, it is necessary to modify or to move the manufacturer fuel tank. This can impact the accuracy of the fuel gauge reading. In the guides below, we explain how the fuel gauge reading is affected so that you have a better understanding of how much fuel you really have in the tank.