Which WAVs can I get through Motability?

23/03/2016 10:00

If youre new to Motability, its normal to have a few questions about the scheme. Figuring out whether youre eligible, what the average Motability car prices are, and what adaptations youll need are all important areas that youll need to consider. Youll also need to consider things like upfront cost, the number of seats youll need, and whether the wheelchair user will be driving the vehicle when considering which Motability wheelchair accessible vehicle is right for you.

To help you choose the Motability wheelchair accessible vehicle thats right for you, weve put together a quick guide below.

What vehicles are available through Motability?

When considering a Motability lease, many people think they might be more restricted in the options available to them.

However, the Motability scheme allows for a huge choice of vehicles, and in particular wheelchair accessible vehicles.  All major manufacturers have vehicles available on the scheme, and at Bristol Street Versa youll find wheelchair accessible options from big names like Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, and Renault on show.

How much does a WAV cost through Motability?

All vehicles on the Motability scheme are leased, meaning you pay to use the car over a set period, usually 3 or 5 years. However, youre free to use the vehicle as you wish during this time, and treat it as you would a vehicle you own.

At Bristol Street Versa, we have a selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles available with an Advance Payment starting from around £1595. After this initial advance payment, the vehicle will be financed for the remainder of its lease period using your allocated allowance. This initial payment and the resulting allowance payments cover the costs of servicing, insurance, tax, and warranty, meaning that you wont have to worry about these.

Bristol Street Versa: Motability Cars List

We have a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles available on the Motability scheme through Bristol Street Versa, in different sizes and specifications to suit whatever needs you might have. We've chosen to run through just three below, but for a wider selection of the wheelchair accessible vehicles available from Bristol Street Versa head over to our Motability section.

Versa Doblo 1.4

The Versa Doblo 1.4 is our own accessible version of the Fiat Doblo, and lies at the smaller end of the wheelchair accessible vehicles we have in stock. With two seats as standard alongside room for a wheelchair passenger, the Versa Doblo is a good option if you dont require lots of room for extra passengers. However, the Versa Doblo can also be fitted with an option for one or two seats in the rear, allowing for more space. Like all the wheelchair accessible vehicles we have in stock, the Versa Doblo is customisable with a range of vehicle adaptations. The Versa Doblo is one of the most affordable Motability vehicles we have in stock, and is available to lease from just £1595.

Versa Connect Long

The Versa Connect Long is a modified version of popular Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, and is an ideal wheelchair accessible vehicle for families who might require a little extra passenger room. The Versa Connect wheelchair accessible vehicle can accommodate a wheelchair user plus 5 additional passengers, or a maximum of 7 passengers without the wheelchair user. Wheelchair users can access the vehicle via a simple ramp, which if upgraded can fold away into the vehicle to create a large storage area. The Versa Connect Long comes with Fords Stop and Start technology, which alongside its 65mpg makes it an economical wheelchair accessible vehicle that is affordable to run. At Bristol Street Versa we have both automatic and manual versions of the Versa Connect Long, with the manual version available on Motability with an advance payment of only £4295.

Versa Master LWB

The Versa Master is a converted Renault Master van, and one of the roomiest wheelchair accessible vehicles we have available to lease through the Motability scheme. With a longer wheel base, the Versa Master LWB can accommodate the wheelchair user, driver, and up to 7 other passengers. If required, the Versa Master wheelchair accessible vehicle can also be modified to be able to carry a total of 4 wheelchair passengers. The Master LWB is available on Motability from £10,245 advance payment for the manual version, which includes rear heating and air conditioning as standard.

All the vehicles listed are able to receive specialist attachments and alterations, so if youre interested in a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle, or would like to enquire about the cost of adaptations on the Motability scheme, then we would love to hear from you. Just make an enquiry online, or get in touch with our friendly customer services team. We cant show you all the vehicles available on Motability, so why not take a look at the full range we have online.