Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Checklist

19/02/2019 11:01


WAV Checklist blog

We’ve put together a checklist of some of the things you should consider before and during a vehicle demonstration to help you decide whether a particular WAV is right for your needs.

You should also think about any changes in the next five years which could affect the suitability of the vehicle before the end of the lease and consider your ongoing needs and requirements.

It goes without saying, but it’s essential that the wheelchair user is present at the demonstration itself. You’ll want to assess the suitability of the restraints, the comfort of the ride and the entry height – and of course make sure it meets your needs and preferences.

It’s also a good idea to have as many people present as possible who will be using the vehicle to get a feel for the vehicle’s functionality, space and convenience.


What do I need to know before my WAV Demo?

Demonstration Checklist

Before your demonstration, it is essential that you know the following

Wheelchair size:

Including height, width, depth and weight.

Wheelchair weight can have an effect on the type of wheelchair restraints you will require, which may also impact the type of WAV that will be suitable. Do not worry, our sales team will do all of these calculations for you once we have established your requirements.

If you plan on taking your demonstration to order, you’ll need the following paperwork:

  • We need to see and get a copy of the DWP/PIP letter
  • We need to see and get a copy of the Motability Grant letter (if applicable)
  • We need to see and get a copy of all relevant driving licences



Things to consider:

Vehicle size

  • Is there enough space to get in and out easily?
  • Is there enough space to comfortably manoeuvre your wheelchair into position?
  • Are you likely to change your wheelchair in the next few years?
  • Is there sufficient headroom clearance at the point of entry?
  • Are you comfortable with the position of your wheelchair in the vehicle?
  • Is there enough storage space for any equipment you usually travel with?
  • Are there enough seats for the people you usually travel with?


Conversion features

  • Can your family and/or carer comfortably operate the lift or ramp?
  • Are they comfortable with and able to use the wheelchair tie downs?
  • Are they comfortable that they will be able to operate the lift/ramp and wheelchair tiedowns repeatedly and on a daily basis without difficulty?
  • Do you need any extra features, such as an electric winch, to help you up the ramp and into the vehicle?


Test drive

  • Are you comfortable in your wheelchair when the vehicle is in motion?
  • Does your height when seated in your wheelchair affect what you can see and does this affect your comfort when travelling in the vehicle?
  • On regular journeys do you encounter speed bumps, if so, is there enough ground clearance?


Where you usually park

  • Are there size or height restrictions?
  • Is there space to park the vehicle at home?
  • Do you have enough room behind the WAV for access via the ramp or lift?
  • Is the driver comfortable and confident driving the vehicle?
  • Does the driver have clear visibility?


Take your time over the demonstration and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have. If this vehicle isn’t quite right, we’ll try to find another vehicle that is more suited to your needs either from our New or Nearly New range.

If you have any further questions about your upcoming WAV demonstration or just want to find out a bit more, feel free to contact our team on: 01924 442 386

Bristol Street Versa are committed to #KeepingYouGoing with our range of high-quality Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) available both on the Motability scheme and for retail sale. We provide nationwide demos, delivery and service – so wherever you are you can enjoy the comfort and high quality of the Bristol Street Versa conversion. If you require a rear-entry or side-entry WAV, and don’t know where to start, our team of friendly and specialist advisors are on hand to help guide you through the process.

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