Bristol Street Versa to deliver mobility solutions to New Zealand in new Partnership

03/08/2016 10:28

Bristol Street Versa has forged a new international partnership, in a move that will see the specialist wheelchair accessible vehicle retailer export vehicles to New Zealand.

Bristol Street Versa has joined forces with Auckland-based transport company Auto Brokers and Consultants Ltd, to help provide mobility solutions manufactured to a high quality European standard to the population of New Zealand.

The move towards the partnership began when Noel Fleet of Auto Brokers contacted Joanne Ellison, general manager of Bristol Street Versa, with the hope of finding a company to help fill the gap for high quality mobility solutions and vehicles in New Zealand.

Speaking about the move, Noel said: It was clear that the New Zealand market needed a more qualified vehicle. Before we began working with Bristol Street Versa, the market was dominated by vehicles which werent subjected to as many quality and safety checks as those sold in Europe. One of the main appeals of working with Bristol Street Versa is the high standard of vehicle that they supply.

Since we are one of the first companies in New Zealand to import wheelchair accessible vehicles from Europe, we have had to work closely with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), part of the New Zealand government, that deals with the country’s universal no-fault accidental injury scheme, to bring the approval processes up to European standards.

Alongside providing a ready stock of vehicles to supply to the public sector, Auto Brokers is hoping that the partnership with will allow it to grow its presence in New Zealands private mobility vehicle market.

Since the partnership began in 2015, Bristol Street Versa has already successfully delivered four vehicles to Auto Brokers, and intends to deliver many more throughout 2016.

Bristol Street Versas general manager Joanne Ellison said: At Bristol Street Versa, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding customer service to mobility customers. As a specialist retailer, we work closely with our customers to find out the best solution for them, ensuring every customer drives away happy.

We are thrilled to now be working internationally with Auto Brokers and delivering our products and services to customers in New Zealand. Our products make a huge difference to the lives of all our customers and it is a pleasure to make such an impact on an international level.