Bristol Street Versa Gives to Charity

21/12/2016 09:57

Throughout 2016 at Bristol Street Versa we’ve been celebrating our anniversary, marking 25 years of helping our customers gain mobile independence.

We’ve come a long way since 1991, and over a quarter of a century the business has expanded from an initial tender of just 15 vehicles, to supplying around 450 WAVs to wheelchair users up and down the country. As of this year, weve also expanded our services beyond the UK and now export specialist transport solutions across the globe to New Zealand, where adapted vehicles can be hard to come by.

As a thank you to our customers, and to show our appreciation to all those who have helped Bristol Street Versa grow and expand, throughout 2016 weve been giving something back to the wider community.

Throughout this year with every wheelchair accessible delivered, Bristol Street Versa has donated £10 to specialist disability charities, to help them continue with their incredibly valuable work.

To shed some more light on the charities we’ve chosen to support  Leonard Cheshire Disability, Whizz Kidz, and the 3H Fund  we’ve put together a short biography of each below.

For over 65 years, Leonard Cheshire Disability has worked in the UK and around the world to help people living with disabilities lead the lives they want to live, without barriers. The charity was founded in 1948 by Leonard Cheshire, an RAF pilot who set up a home for people needing urgent care. Soon, one care home became many, and throughout the 50s, 60s the charity set up a network of homes in the UK and across the world. The 1970’s saw the trail of an innovative new home care service, which Leonard Cheshire Disability still offers today. Today, charity helps to support people with disabilities live and work independently, doing so through a wide network of support programmes, and by challenging ignorance, unfairness, and misconceptions in society.

Whizz Kidz are the leading provider of mobility equipment outside of the NHS, and make it their focus to help the thousands of disabled children living in the UK have a bright and happy future. Founded in 1990, the charity helps to provide children and young people with disabilities the means to lead a fulfilled life, whether that’s a wheelchair, vital mobility equipment, or life journey and skills training. Whizz Kidz makes it their mission to ensure that children with disabilities can access the same opportunities as any other kid, and have the same chances to fulfill their potential.

The 3H Fund 'Helping Hands for Holidays' makes it possible for people living with disabilities to have affordable and enjoyable holidays. For carers and the physically disabled holidays are often off the cards, as finding the right transport, accommodation, and care can be incredibly difficult. Through arranging subsidies, specialist care, medical facilities and transport, the 3H Fund gives disabled people the chance to go on fulfilling holidays that meet their needs, whilst carers can relax and have a break of their own.

For the remainder of 2016, well be donating £10 to the charities above with every delivery of a wheelchair accessible vehicle we make, with every purchase made by a customer helping them to continue their valuable work. Thanks to our customers for all their support over the years, heres to a bright and eventful 2017!