Am I Eligible For Motability?

16/03/2016 10:00

Since being launched in 1977, the Motability scheme has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life by giving them low cost access to vehicles. Funded by charities and the government, with Motability disabled people can receive a car with modifications that allow for ease of access. This way, people who may not have previously been able to drive, let alone get in a vehicle, can have the same freedoms as the general public.

If you think that the scheme could help you, but are not sure whether youre eligible for Motability, weve put a guide together to help. With the information below, you can figure out your eligibility for Motability, and how to get a Motability car.

What allowances do I need to receive?

Eligibility for Motability is primarily assessed based on allowances supplied by the Government. If you receive one or more types of the following four Government allowances, you could be eligible to receive a car on the scheme.

  1. Disability Living Allowance

Youre eligible for Motability if youre in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility band of Disability Living Allowance, provided by the Department of Work and Pensions. Currently, this allowance is £57.45 a week, which can then be used to fund a Motability vehicle. However, in order to receive a vehicle on the scheme, youll need to prove that you still have a years worth of the allowance remaining to be paid to you.

  1. Personal Independence Payment

Whilst the Disability Living Allowance is still in effect, it is set to be gradually phased out and replaced with something called Personal Independence Payment. Currently this replacement is not in full effect. However, those who are receiving PIP, and are getting the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component  currently £57.45  will be eligible to lease a vehicle on the Motability scheme.

  1. War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement

Veterans UK provide supplements to those in receipt of pension who were medically discharged from service. If youre currently receiving a War Pensioners Mobility Supplement of £64.15 per week, youll be eligible for Motability.

  1. Armed Forces Independence Payment

Those injured as a result of active service in the armed forced are eligible to receive Armed Forces Independence Payment, and a mobility payment. The Mobility component of AFIP is £57.45, and if youre receiving this, youll be eligible for Motability.

How long should I have received this allowance?                                                   

When applying for Motability, there is no time limit on how long youve received an allowance. Whether youve received a mobility allowance for 5 years or 5 months, you may still be eligible for Motability.

However, how long youll be receiving the allowance will be taken into account. In order to get a Motability car lease, youll need to be receiving any of the above allowances for a minimum of 12 months into the future. If you do not have at least 12 months remaining, you wont be eligible for Motability.

Is there an age limit on Motability?

Those above the age of 3 and in receipt of any of the above allowances could be eligible to lease a car on Motability. Whilst there is a minimum age required, there is no upper age limit. However, in certain cases individual circumstances may need to be assessed.

Im unable to drive  am I still eligible?

If you dont hold a valid UK license, you can still be eligible for Motability. The same applies to those who hold a license, but are no longer able to drive themselves.

To account for those who are unable to drive, when taking out a Motability lease, youll be given the option of naming up to 2 drivers; neither of which has to be yourself. A named driver could be member of family, a friend, or a carer.

However, in order to be named as a nominated driver, a person must meet certain requirements.

  • Named Motability drivers must hold a valid driving license. If the license is valid but not UK issued, the driver will need to undergo additional checks to decide eligibility.
  • Motability drivers must not have any previous convictions or disqualifications to legally drive a leased car.
  • Ideally, any nominated drivers should live within 5 miles of the Motability scheme customers place of abode. However, this is flexible and suitability can be assessed individually.
  • If naming more than one driver, only one driver can be under 21. This should ideally be someone who lives with the Motability customer. If drivers are under 25, there are restrictions on the type of vehicles able to be leased.

Will my disability influence whether Im eligible?

When working out the eligibility of scheme members, individual disabilities are not taken into account. All thats required is that scheme members are receiving one of the stated allowances.

However, if your application has been successful, and youre eligible for Motability, we can take your individual circumstances into account when helping you choose a vehicle. We have vehicles available to suit a wide range of individual circumstances, and so well be able to help you choose a vehicle that will truly be best for you.

We hope this guide has given you some idea of whether youre eligible for Motability. If youre still thinking can I get a Motability car?, and would like some professional advice, you can always get in touch with the team at Bristol Street Versa. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you decide whether Motability is right for you, and even let you know which wheelchair accessible vehicles we have available that would suit your needs best.