A to Z of Wheelchair Rugby

08/10/2015 14:10

With the final stages of the Rugby World Cup drawing near, October 2015 is set to provide a feast of tries and tackles for Rugby fans around the world.

However, the Rugby World Cup isnt the only big sport event taking place, and between the 12th and 16th of October 2015 the World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge takes place in London. Following on from their stellar performance at the London 2012 Paralympics, the Great Britain squad will return to Olympic Park to take on 7 other giants of the sport.

Wheelchair rugby has fast become one of the most exciting spectator sports around, with its crashes, tackles and enigmatic athletes pulling big crowds up and down the UK. For many people it might seem like wheelchair rugby has come out of nowhere, but the popularity of the sport hasnt just emerged overnight. For over 30 years, quadriplegic athletes have been drawn to the intense nature of wheelchair rugby, which stands out amongst other disability sports for the fact that it is full contact.

If youve never watched wheelchair rugby, or just want to get to grips with the sport, weve put a beginners guide to wheelchair rugby together. Our A to Z of wheelchair rugby takes a look at the basics and clears up a few important questions about the sport; take a look at it below.

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