Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Note: Images below for illustration purposes only and may not provide exact images of our vehicles.

  • Ford Connect

    Ford Connect

    A real ‘car-like’ WAV having the exact same facia as the Ford Focus. Offering the perfect mix of styling and practicality.

  • Volkswagen Caddy

    Volkswagen Caddy

    Forever a favourite, the Caddy Maxi Life has classic styling & reliability from Volkswagen combined with practical seating for 5 + wheelchair user.

  • Volkswagen Transporter

    Volkswagen Transporter

    Offering very similar features to the equivalent Renault Trafic in terms of practicality, the Transporter is a popular WAV for its exterior styling and interior ‘car-like’ cab design.

  • Volkswagen Caravelle

    Volkswagen Caravelle

    The most stylish and luxurious WAV available. Offering a beautifully designed interior and refined driving, but without compromising the practicalities required from a WAV.

  • Renault Trafic

    Renault Trafic

    The WAV that allows extra seating, extra storage or additional wheelchair positions, without having to move into the Large vehicle category. Hugely popular for its versatility.

  • Renault Master

    Renault Master

    The best headroom of any WAV on the market with maximum flexibility for extra seating, extra storage and multiple wheelchair positions. The Renault Master is perfect for almost every family situation.

**Additional seating and/or wheelchair positions available within the range

New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

At Bristol Street Versa, we’ve got an extensive range of new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), all at a great price. We have over 25 years’ experience in providing WAVs with the modifications and applications required to cater to a range of customer circumstances. Whatever it is you’re looking for from an accessible vehicle, we have something that fits at Bristol Street Versa. With a range of WAVs from various manufacturers, and a commitment to getting you a deal that’s right, we make it easy to get the new WAV you need.

We’ve got WAVs from a range of manufacturers, including Ford, Renault and Volkswagen. We make sure we stock a selection of vehicles that fit as many needs and tastes as possible, so if you’re looking for something in particular, just mention it and we’ll do our best to find a WAV that fits the description.

At Bristol Street Versa, we’re dedicated to providing a customer experience that is welcoming and helpful. If you have any specific questions, simply get in touch with us over the phone or via e-mail, and we’ll be glad to help you out. We’ll be happy to talk to you about any needs you might have, in order to make sure you get a WAV that is truly suited to you. So, if you think you’ll find a WAV at Versa, get in touch right away. Or, before getting in touch, why not narrow down your search by size and manufacturer on our website. We look forward to getting you a great deal on a WAV soon.