Our New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

At Bristol Street Versa, we're proud to be one of the UK's leading providers of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (known as WAVs) to the UK public. We've had more than twenty-five years' experience in the industry, providing thousands of customers with expert advice, guidance and care, to help them discover the vehicle that's right for them.

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Note: Images below for illustration purposes only and may not provide exact images of our vehicles.

  • Ford Connect

    Ford Connect

    A real 'car-like' WAV having the exact same facia as the Ford Focus. Offering the perfect mix of styling and practicality.

  • Volkswagen Caddy

    Volkswagen Caddy

    Forever a favourite, the Caddy Maxi Life has classic styling & reliability from Volkswagen combined with practical seating for 5 + wheelchair user.

  • Volkswagen Transporter

    Volkswagen Transporter

    Offering very similar features to the equivalent Renault Trafic in terms of practicality, the Transporter is a popular WAV for its exterior styling and interior 'car-like' cab design.

  • Volkswagen Caravelle

    Volkswagen Caravelle

    The most stylish and luxurious WAV available. Offering a beautifully designed interior and refined driving, but without compromising the practicalities required from a WAV.

  • Renault Trafic

    Renault Trafic

    The WAV that allows extra seating, extra storage or additional wheelchair positions, without having to move into the Large vehicle category. Hugely popular for its versatility.

  • Renault Master

    Renault Master

    The best headroom of any WAV on the market with maximum flexibility for extra seating, extra storage and multiple wheelchair positions. The Renault Master is perfect for almost every family situation.

**Additional seating and/or wheelchair positions available within the range

What Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles do we offer?

At Bristol Street Versa, our goal is to offer customers a selection of the best-in-class Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and the peace of mind that they're getting a mobility solution that's perfect for their needs.

To do that, we offer a range of desirable and affordable choices so that every customer can enjoy a car that they love that is more than just practicality, but enjoyment and comfort.

Our customer service and aftercare have been widely praised, with our dedicated team doing whatever it takes to ensure your journey with us is as smooth as possible. We'll talk you through your needs and keep you updated on your order every step of the way. One month after delivery, we check-in with you to ensure you're comfortable with your WAV and answer any further queries you may have.

If you want to find out more about our process, you can watch our video below...

New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale

As part of the Vertu Motors Group - the sixth-largest motoring retailer in the UK - we have exceptional connections with all of the country's major automobile companies.

For our customers, that means we're able to supply best-in-class brands like Ford, Renault and Volkswagen at exceptional prices, and the value of this saving is passed on to you, our customer, and allows us to offer some of the highest-quality conversions on the market.

You can browse our remarkable range of new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles on the Bristol Street Versa website. If a deal piques your interest, then be sure to fill out our easy-to-use enquiry form and reach out to the team today.

Nearly New and Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

To complement our selection of new cars, we stock a wide range of Used or Nearly New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - all are prepped to the highest standard, with the affordability you'd expect from Bristol Street Versa.

Explore our range of Nearly New and Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles today. Alternatively, fill out our simple enquiry form and a member of our expert, friendly team will get in touch to help!

Electric WAVs

We're always striving to make life easier for our customers, that's why we use the best technologies available to us when converting our WAVs. If you're excited about new technologies, click here to let us know if you'd be interested in an electric WAV offering.

Motability with Bristol Street Versa

The Motability scheme allows us to help people with disabilities gain better access to more affordable transport, by letting them lease vehicles at discounted rates with their Mobility Allowance.

At Bristol Street Versa, our friendly specialists are here to help and can give you expert advice on our market-leading range of Motability choices.

Simply visit our Bristol Street Versa Motability pages, or reach out to the team via our enquiry form today!

Care and Aftercare

At Bristol Street Versa, we know that choosing a new car can be difficult. Many factors come into play, and it can feel daunting to make a selection when there are so many cars to choose from!

For more than twenty-five years, we've taken pride in our team's passion and dedication to making the process of leasing or buying a vehicle as straight-forward and relaxed as possible.

To do that, we offer extensive care and aftercare to our customers, including our best-in-class Versa Life package.