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  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport

    A to Z of Wheelchair Rugby

    posted on - 08/10/2015 14:10

    Wheelchair rugby has fast become one of the most exciting spectator sports around, with its crashes, tackles and enigmatic athletes pulling big crowds up and down the UK. If youve never watched wheelchair rugby, or just want to get to grips with the sport, weve put a beginners guide to wheelchair rugby together. Our A to Z of wheelchair rugby takes a look at the basics and clears up a few important questions about the sport.

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  • Renault unveils special edition Clio Renaultsport

    A Conversation with John Harris

    posted on - 22/07/2015 14:47

    Paralympian, fundraiser, and mountaineer; its safe to say that John Harris has led a pretty eventful life. With this in mind, Bristol Street Versa got in touch with John to talk about gold medals, raising awareness of disabled people in sport, and what he thinks of todays up and coming athletes.

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  • Pioneers of Disability Sport

    Pioneers of Disability Sport

    posted on - 03/06/2015 13:25

    Global awareness of disability sport is at an all-time high. Following the success of Londons 2012 Paralympics  arguably the biggest and most wide reaching event of its kind so far  games for the disabled have been placed on the same pedestal as non-disabled events. As a result, disabled athletes have finally started to receive the same reverence as able-bodied athletes, becoming not just recognised for triumphs over adversity, but for their achievements as competitors and athletes.

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